CAD 3D Model development:

Non complex geometry to be done in FreeCAD by

Complex geometry to be developed by general partner company Russia

CATIA (4 own licenses+ lease licenses)
NX (1 own license + lease)
E3 Series (lease)

CAE, Simulation and optimization
(with responsibility of Laduga):

Ansys (1 own license +lease)
LS-Dyna (1 own license)
ANSA (1 own license)
MSC Nastran, SimulationX, Siemens Amesim, KISSSoft, Star CCM, Fluent, HyperMesh, OptiStruct, Code-Aster, OpenFoam (all leases) PRADIS (own software)

3D print:

Non complex plastic component to be built by Caddex